AGM and Celebration time! Saturday Sept 5 11am-1pm

The panels are on the roof of the Baysville Arena and the electricians and Hydro One are busy working on the connections to the grid.  It has been a long journey but we are now seeing our first installed project come to life!  Bond sales are continuing and our membership is growing.  Come find out more updates about your coop and celebrate with your fellow members at our AGM on Saturday Sept 5, 11-1 am.  More details to follow but put it in your calendar for now, looking forward to seeing you there!  If you are not yet a member head on over to our membership page and fill out the form, bring your $10 lifetime fee to the AGM or mail it to us.  We welcome new members!

LOBREC 2015 AGM to be held at the senior's centre in Baysville

11 AM - 1 PM Saturday September 5, 2015

Solar panels installed! PV now on the Lake of Bays Arena!

If you were in Baysville last week you may have noticed the equipment, pylons and busy workers at the community centre.  Electricians and NorthGrid's crew were working hard to get our system installed and on Friday morning, despite some light rain, the panels went up on the roof.   They are continuing to work away this week on getting everything connected and working so we can start generating electricity and renewable benefits for our community! 

As you may be aware, LOBREC is selling bonds to cooperative members ($10 lifetime membership fee to join, membership is open, see our JOIN page for more information) to pay for the solar system.  Bond sales are heating up and going fast so now is the time to invest if you haven't yet, or buy more to get in on this issue.  Check out our INVESTMENT page for more information about buying bonds. 

And now here are some pictures of the solar panel installation!

Happy Summer! Installation in Baysville coming soon!

Happy Summer everyone!  You may have noticed that LOBREC volunteers have been busy this summer, we have seen many of you at the Baysville Farmers Market and at the Lake of Bays Brewery last Saturday where we have set up our bond information booth.  Thanks to all who came over to chat, new members and new community investors!  We will be at the Baysville Farmers' market again this Friday July 10th and the LOBA gathering on July 11th so come on over and say hi!  We have exciting updates as the solar panels and electronics are ready for delivery in NorthGrid's shop and we expect equipment to start arriving next week!  Stay tuned for notice of upcoming installation celebrations!  And if you haven't bought your bonds yet, or you are interested in buying more, its not too late, but act soon as we are nearing our goal!  We are taking member bond purchases throughout the summer, come on over at an event to chat or send us an email at  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Excitement brewing in the growing Muskoka Co-op sector

The coffee and food was great as was the company.  This morning a full room of co-op members, developers, financiers, credit union, community business development, economic development officers, chambers of commerce representatives and community members who want to better understand how the co-operative model can help build a sustainable community gathered at the Bracebridge YWCA for engaging presentations and discussion.  

There was great interest in having the contact information for the co-ops discussed available so we are posting them here in our blog, presentations to follow also!

Why did I join LOBREC?

Someone recently asked me why I joined LOBREC.   I thought I would post my answer here.

It is simple.  I have 3 grandchildren.  Ok, perhaps its not that simple.   Let me explain my thinking.  It boils down to energy cost and the environment.

First, let me deal with the energy cost issue.  In Ontario we are still hanging our hat heavily on Nuclear energy.   Ontario hydro users have paid approximately $19B of Stranded Debt from cost overruns of current Nuclear reactors and there is another $14B yet to pay.   Estimates to rebuild Darlington are currently running up to $.37 per Kwh.   Given our history of overruns of up to 2.5 x budget, you can see where this could go, and we still have no reliable estimates of the cost of safe storage of the spent fuel.  Solar energy is in the order of $.5 per Kwh today and coming down fast, and wind is lower.   I don’t want to gamble the financial future of my grandchildren on Nuclear.

Next is the environment.  We have done terrible things to this planet, the only home for the human race.  For example, we have created vast waste lands in the Alberta Tar Sands.  This is non-renewable and we have no history of being able to restore the natural environment.  We still don’t know how to extract gas from Fracking without polluting fresh water supplies, and fracking is linked to increased earthquake activity….not good for those buried Nuclear fuels, and the use of coal, oil and gas is heavily linked to air pollution, which is contributing to dramatic weather changes.    We have no way of knowing how we can mitigate this pollution enough to make the earth a safe place to live.

So the story is quite simple after all.  I joined LOBREC because I have 3 grandchildren.  Do you have grandchildren?

Rick Zytaruk, LOBREC board member.