Solar panels installed! PV now on the Lake of Bays Arena!

If you were in Baysville last week you may have noticed the equipment, pylons and busy workers at the community centre.  Electricians and NorthGrid's crew were working hard to get our system installed and on Friday morning, despite some light rain, the panels went up on the roof.   They are continuing to work away this week on getting everything connected and working so we can start generating electricity and renewable benefits for our community! 

As you may be aware, LOBREC is selling bonds to cooperative members ($10 lifetime membership fee to join, membership is open, see our JOIN page for more information) to pay for the solar system.  Bond sales are heating up and going fast so now is the time to invest if you haven't yet, or buy more to get in on this issue.  Check out our INVESTMENT page for more information about buying bonds. 

And now here are some pictures of the solar panel installation!