Progress on the Installation Roadmap

We have made considerable progress towards the installation of the equipment on the Baysville Arena.   The most recent significant event was the ‘Notice to Proceed (NTP)’ by Hydro One.  This means that once the snow clears we will be able to install the solar panels on the Arena Roof and connect to the Grid.     Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) has created a typical roadmap for installation, included here.   Our progress is shown on the Roadmap with Green check marks to show steps we have completed and Brown check marks to indicate those currently in progress.

While the detail may be difficult to read you can see that most of the typical steps have been completed and we are excited that we are on track to complete the installation this spring.    We have raised much of the funding required and have interim funding for the remainder to enable completion, however we are still selling bonds to repay this interim funding.   If you are interested in this ‘Green’ investment please check our our Bond Purchase information.