Funding progress for Solar Installation

LOBREC started selling Bonds is the summer to fund the installation of the Solar Panels on the roof of the Baysville Community Centre.   The Board’s goal for the first round of funding was $40,000.  Thanks to you we exceeded that goal. LOBREC had an amazing response from the membership and by the end of 2014 we have sold $70,000 in bonds.  See the progress thermometer.

We have been offered a CEPP grant worth about $20,000 and we are also very excited to receive interim funding from Haliburton County Development Corporation for sufficient capital to be able to install the Solar system this spring.  We have begun the next round of Bond sales, and success here will allow us to pay down the interim funding and maximize the return to the community.  Please consider LOBREC Bonds as part of your ‘Green investment’ portfolio to help make this a smashing success.